Copper Bottom Brewing Co.

Boson1 has worked with the Copper Bottom Brewing Company microbrewery since 2015 to help them develop their branding. In 2017 Copper Bottom will finally be open to the public in the beautiful waterside community of Montaque, PEI. Boson1 assisted with the development of branding strategy and visual identity that would ensure that Copper Bottom stands out within a growing and increasingly competitive craft-brewery industry. A richly illustrated company crest references the HMS Victory as a definitive example of copper plating techniques developed on ships in the 18th and 19th centuries, and ideas of aging and time as a metaphor for the beer aging process are conveyed through graphic approach, and oxidized verdigris green and brown copper colours. We are very proud to be working with the CB team as they continue to develop their business and tell their story. Work with Copper Bottom Brewing Company has entailed the following:

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity / Logo
Iconographic & Glyph Design
Language Development
Print and Advertising Design

Status:  Ongoing Projects