Fundy Footpath Wayfinding Program

Completed in 2021, this project is currently in production after six years of collaboration and development between Boson1 and project partners, The Fundy Hiking Trail Association and Parks Canada. Phased implementation of signs shall occur over the next few years, beginning with Trailhead Maps signs that mark the entrance to both ends of the rugged 63 km trail through the Appalachians of the Bay of Fundy Coast. The primary map for the project is the most detailed and elaborate ever designed by Boson1 and makes use of the Government of New Brunswick’s LIDAR scanning data to produce mind-blowing land contour fidelity. The sign system features map, assurance, directional, etiquette, warning, elevation marking and other signs that promote easier navigation of the trail, hiker comfort, and most importantly safety. The project included visual identity design, wayfinding design, fabrication intent specifications and sign location planning.

: • Branding & Identity
• Print Design
• Web & Interactive