Hillberg & Berk Prezi

In early 2017 Boson1 combined forces with Perfect Pitch Consulting and Projech Design Communications in Calgary, Alberta to produce an interactive Prezi presentation for Hillberg & Berk so that they could convey to an audience a story of company history, early inspirations, the continuing growth of the Hillberg & Berk brand, and most importantly, the “Sparkle” movement that has come to mean so much to everything they do. A highly immersive and graphically rich Prezi stage, inspired by the elegance of Hillberg & Berk storefronts and the jewelry itself, elicits a strong sense of purpose and inspiration as viewers are guided through a sequence of stories about the company, the Sparkle movement, and “Random Acts of Sparkle” that empower women “One Sparkle At A Time, One Customer At a Time”. This project entailed the following:

: • Prezi Design